14 Additions Make You Say Whoa

Consider this 14 reasons to become a member in September. Starting on the 1st, we offer:

  1. Discounted Membership Startup Fees! **

  2. New Weight Room!

  3. New Squat Rack!

  4. New Dumbbells!

  5. New Kettlebells!

  6. New Treadmill!

  7. New Row Machine!

  8. New Medicine Balls!

  9. New Resistance Bands!

  10. New Plyometric Boxes!

  11. New Free Membership Swag Bags!

  12. New Free Membership Welcome Packages!

  13. New Free Membership Week-long Guest Passes!

  14. New Free Membership Keytags!

** Membership startup fees will be discounted for all of September. This is how it works. The day of the month will be the amount of the startup fee. If you become a member from now until September 1st, your startup fee is $1 dollar. If you become a member on September 21st, your startup fee is $21 dollars. The longer you wait the pricier it gets. Exciting right! Here’s the bottom line - sign up fast. Buy now! Enjoy a rock gym and weight room in one! Winter is coming!

Peter Stancato