Bananas & Bandanas Badass Party 🤠

As you know, we've been running climbing clinics called Beginner to Badass. Each 6-part series of classes is called a season. Season 1 and 2 were a knock-out punch. Honest. I'm not blowing smoke. Today, we're nearing the end of our third season. And for Season 3's sixth and final class, we're having a Badass Party. You come dressed like your favorite badass, Chuck Norris, Michelle Obama, King Leonidas, dealer's choice, and we'll provide banana's and bandanas. Banana's because they double as a gun. Bandanas because they're the universal trademark of any real badass. Bandanas outfit bikers. Bandanas outfit éses. You can tuck one out your pocket. You can tie one on your head. Will the bandana knot be on the front or back? Will it be red or blue? Depends if you want to live. If you smell what The Rock is cookin', we'll see you Tuesday, February 12th at 7p at NOSOTROS, on the corner of Know Your Role Blvd and Jabroni Drive.

🤠 Also, if you want to sign up for Beginner to Badass Season 4, it starts Tuesday, February 19th at 7p. Reserve your spot by clicking here. 

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