Beware Passionate Vid for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is passionate. So I made a passionate video for our upcoming event. All day next Thursday, February 14th, NOSOTROS is having a Valentine's Day Dyno Buffet Couples Competition. Shown in the video, you'll see a buffet of purple possibilities. These rocks, although the same color, offer an array of dynos for you and yours. 

Our Valentine's Day Dyno Buffet is a competition for couples. The goal is for each of you to do the hardest dyno for the highest point. For this competition, we're just judging dynos from our one section of purple holds that'll clearly be marked in the gym. In this section, there are six available dynos, ranging from easy to hard. The harder the difficulty the higher the point. 


The white-taped VB dyno is valued at 0, that's zero, points. Great try. Thanks for coming out. The green-taped V0-1 dyno is valued at 1 point. The yellow-taped V2-3 dyno is 2 points. The orange-taped V4-5 dyno is 3 points. The pink-taped V6-7 dyno is 4 points. The blue-taped V8-9 dyno is 5 points. Best-case-scenario, you get a blue-taped dyno and your Lisa Leslie girlfriend gets a blue-taped dyno, you've got a perfect 10 points as a couple. Well done. Enjoy the weather up there.

Two final notes. First, be sure to film and TAG us when you dyno. This is how we judge. We're @NOSOTROSgym on Instagram and @goNOSOTROS on Facebook. Second, the couple with the highest combined points wins a month of free climbing each! If you're already a member to NOSOTROS and you win, we'll refund you a month, or you're welcome to regift these months to someone else. So SHARE this with your tallest friends and SHARE this with your valentine. May your dynos be enjoyable and passionate!

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