Extremely Amazing New Route Reset

We reset a butt-load of new problems! Shown in this video are my favorites in each grade. And explained below is why I think they're the best!

VB - White Tape / Black Holds

Real well done. The setter managed to set both an interesting and doable white problem. Great confidence booster!

V0-1 Green Tape / Pink Holds

I think this is a beautiful route because it has a lot of feet and involves that blockus among the jugs. The finish is literally as high as possible. Real real good!

V2-3 Yellow Tape / Pink Holds

I freaking love this route. Almost competition style because of the compression moves involved. The setter made full use of the corner. Extremely awesome!

V4-5 Orange Tape / Purple Holds

The first ever crack climbing feature in our gym! Amazing the way the setter butted the hold right next to the wall to make a crack. This is an interesting interesting route. 

V6-7 Pink Tape / Blue & Yellow Swirl Holds

Really cool path from vertical to roof to high kicker. Long painstaking problem. I'm not this cool. 

V8-9 Blue Tape / Red & White Swirl Holds

This one is nuts. I couldn't do it. Alex Honnold could. 

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