Good News! NOSOTROS is Bumping Prices!

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NOSOTROS is bumping prices so we can help more people. We call this good news. When rock gyms announce a price increase, it feels like a White House press release. I don’t think that formal tone treats people well. When I hear about a change I want to know why. I want to hear the heart behind it. I assume you’re similar. In an effort to value you and your intellect, I’m going to explain this bump with eight honest facts:


1.    Bumping prices was the plan all along. I initially set our rates low on purpose to draw people. You have to understand, NOSOTROS started with no credibility. We didn’t launch out of a climbing hold company. We weren’t launched by a climbing legend. We didn’t launch with a big budget. What would ever make people give us a chance? Cheap prices. The original idea was to build rapport and bump up at the six-month mark. Six months hit and I wanted to add more before making a change.

2.    We now have more to offer since we opened. We’ve added food, hours, clinics, a sound system, better setting, better training features, and a better customer experience. Furthermore, we may be adding a weight room for our patrons.

3.    Our patrons say our prices are too low. Isn’t that wild? The climbing industry has a quote, 5% of your customers should be complaining about your rates - if they’re not, you need to charge more. Do you know how many customers complain about our rates? Zero. I’ll even say it in Spanish. Cero. We charge 11.99 to climb for the whole day. That’s so low, people assume that’s what we charge per hour. They’re stunned. You can see it in their eyebrows. 

4.    We’re still low. Even with the bump, we’re still the lowest-priced rock gym around. We do this so people from all financial circumstances can climb.

5.    NOSOTROS is not in a financial struggle. Some people think worse-case-scenario. I’ll set the record straight. NOSOTROS is healthy with no debt. Funny story, when I went to deposit cash at PNC, the manager took me aside and asked why we’re not spending more money. I said because we’re not careless. I over-research every purchase and if something I bought isn’t being used, I return it. Our Board of Directors validates our good stewardship. I run this business like I budget for my family, carefully.

6.    Your dues will not increase. Those who are already members, and those who become members before July 1st, are grandfathered in. They will continue to enjoy the lower rate. 

7.    You have time. Our new prices will go into effect on July 1, 2019. If you haven’t visited us yet, come. If you’re on the fence about a membership, join. You have one month to take advantage.

8.    We will be helping more people. We’ve helped couples and kids and volunteers, but imagine the day NOSOTROS donates a house. Why not you guys? Would it surprise you to hear that we’ve got plans in place? Heck we’re already on step two. July 1st commences step three.

Old Pricing Until June 30, 2019 

Day Pass 11.99

Day Pass Youth 4.99

10 Punch Pass 89

Last Chance Pass 4.99

Monthly Membership 45 (+45 startup)

Monthly Membership Student 39 (+39 startup)

Yearly Membership 449

Yearly Membership Student 390

Lifetime Membership 3999

Two Week Trial 25 for one / 40 for two 

Shoe Rental 3   |   Chalk Rental 2

New Pricing After July 1, 2019 

Day Pass 13.99

Day Pass Youth 5.99

10 Punch Pass 119

Last Chance Pass 4.99

Monthly Membership 50 (+50 startup)

Monthly Membership Student 45 (+45 startup)

Yearly Membership 499

Yearly Membership Student 449

Lifetime Membership 3999

Two Week Trial 25 for one / 40 for two 

Shoe Rental 3 | Chalk Rental 2