We're Donating a CAR @ Our Anniversary!

Our nonprofit VISION is to improve relationships. Our MISSION is to use rock holds to improve households. Our 2018 GOAL was to provide 100 date nights. Our 2019 GOAL will be to provide a car!

A car is a way to get to your friends, get to your family, and get to the grocery store. It's a place to sing and a place to scream. It's a luxury and a necessity. A car is nice to have. And we're giving one away. The person who will be receiving this gift doesn't even know it. They'll be surprised! We'll be overjoyed! We're beyond excited. You know what's cooler than getting a car? Giving a car! This is it you guys. This is what our gym is about. Generosity. This is the stuff they make movies about. This is what you live to see and live to do. People helping people in big ways. We're donating a freaking car to someone who really needs it. We've done our homework. They're a great candidate. It's happening. If you'd like to see the recipient's reaction, come to our One Year Anniversary at 4:30p. The announcement will be made at 5p and the keys will be handed over at 5:03p. Don't miss it. It'll rev your engines

CharityEscape Hatch