Beginner to Badass Season 5

Beginner to Badass Season 5


Kicking off 5/7 we’ll take you from “Beginner to Badass” in four weeks, providing you with all the knowledge necessary to get stronger, fitter, faster. The beginner series saves newbies time and coin by learning how to climb right the first time.

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Beginner to Badass Season 5

New season new tweaks! If you already took this clinic, we’ve got more for you to learn! Beginner to Badass (BtB) is right for you if you’re working on VB-V1 problems. A small issue we’ve been having is climbers thinking they’re not good enough to join. They were being humble. This class is for the baby climber. If you’re working on white or green taped routes at NOSOTROS, or if you don’t know what a route is, you’ll fit right into BtB!


Cory Berry and Laura DeFrain. Cory's a smart engineer and smarter climber. He's genuine and a pleasure to listen to. Laura's a fitness manager and people flock to her. She's especially skilled at helping shorter climbers. Both Cory and Laura are huge bouldering nerds, which we think make the best teachers.


BtB starts on Tuesday, May 7th and meets for four Tuesdays in a row from 7pm to 8pm. Classmates are welcome to come early to warm up or stay late to cool down. If you ever have to miss a class, you can always make-up what you missed next time.


We’ve boiled down thick climbing books into brass tacks. Footwork. Handwork. Dynamic Movement. Rest. We cover these four goals in four weeks. Instructors will begin each class by demonstrating proper technique. Afterward, climbers will each take a section of the wall to apply what they’ve learned. Then, instructors walk will walk around offering hands-on advice. For this beginner series, we move at your pace.


NOSOTROS members participate free for this clinic. Non-members can reserve their spot now by making their purchase.

After payment, you are automatically enrolled. Once classes start, non-members will just need to purchase passes for each time we meet. You can get a Day Pass each Tuesday for $11.99. You can get a 10 Punch, that will cover all four classes - and then some - for $89. Or you can get one of our membership offerings that'll grant you unlimited climbing.

Something that's especially popular is our new two-week trial membership for $25. It gives you unlimited climbing, unlimited rental shoes and unlimited rental chalk for two weeks. If at the end of the two weeks you'd like to roll it into a recurring membership, we'll subtract the $25 trial cost from the recurring membership startup fee and those two weeks all just became free.


27 reservations were made within the first three days BtB Season 1 was available. We capped Season 2 at 20 and every reservation was made within the first two days it was available. We added an instructor for Season 3 so we removed the cap - and 30 reservations were made right when Season 3 became available. For BtB4, we capped the clinic at 15 slots and they went like that. Even though we could sell more, quality must remain priority. If you're on the fence for BtB5, pull the trigger.