First Time Visit

We’re happy you’re interested in climbing and extra happy that you’re interested in climbing with us! Whether it’s your first time climbing or just your first time climbing at NOSOTROS, we aim to make your experience rad.

1: Waiver

We try our best to get through the boring stuff so you can get on the wall faster! The first thing we do when you arrive is have you fill out a waiver. (You can do that online to make this part quicker).

2: Passes / Memberships

Next, you’ll choose an option that makes sense for you- we offer day passes, a 10 visit punch pass, a monthly membership, and more. You can also purchase online and pickup at your visit.


Day Pass: $13.99

Day Pass Youth: $5.99 (5 & under)

10 Punch Pass: $119 (10 single day passes)

Last Chance Pass: $4.99 (last hour of every night)

Monthly Membership: $50 (+$50 setup fee)

Monthly Membership Student: $45 (+$45 setup fee)

Yearly Membership: $499

Yearly Membership Student: $449

Lifetime Membership: $3999

Two Week Trial Membership*: $25 one climber / $40 two climbers

*Incl. unlimited climbing, chalk, and shoe rentals
Cost is taken off of the membership startup fee if you decide to become a monthly member!


Shoes: $3

Chalk: $2

3: Tour

Last, we’ll give you a tour of the space and if it's your first time ever climbing, we’ll show you some moves to get you started. Then, you’re good to go.



What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing done on low walls that don’t require the use of a harness or rope.

Is Bouldering difficult?

That’s for you to decide! In bouldering, you climb routes that consist of hand and foot holds of different sizes and shapes. Each route is rated from easy to expert. When you’re new to the sport, it’s common to start on the easy routes but half the fun is trying harder routes and setting goals to conquer them.

What equipment is required?

The only thing you need are climbing shoes, although many climbers like to use chalk to keep their hands dry and grippy. We can rent you shoes and chalk and we keep the barrier to entry low by having super affordable prices!

How much does it cost?

Check out our full menu of pricing.

Pro Tip: We also have several weekly specials if you’re a lady-climber or a college student.

Is Bouldering safe?

Yes. While no sport is ever 100% safe, NOSOTROS is equipped with 14” giant foam pads that line the climbing walls in our space. Falling is a big part of bouldering, but rest assured, your fall is always cushioned. Plus, falling can be kind of awesome.

Can my group climb together?

Definitely. Climbing is a sport that’s fun in a group or individually. We encourage people to experience climbing in whatever way makes them happy. If you have a large enough group, or you want to host a party or event for just your crew, you might consider renting our space.

Do you have food or drinks?

Oh yeah! The NOSOTROS Bodega is stocked with all of your favorite drinks and snacks for purchase. We’re always mixing up the selection and we’re open to requests.

Where can I park?

We’ve got our own dedicated lot as well as an overflow lot and street parking. Refer to the bottom of this page for a helpful diagram!