Mission + Goals

Our Mission: Use rock holds to improve households

As one of only a handful of non-profit gyms in the U.S., we at NOSOTROS are proud of our social mission to improve households through making people and the relationships they share, stronger. We chose climbing as the activity to drive our mission because it’s a sport unlike anything else. It’s not too fast-paced. It’s not too individual. It’s relational. It stimulates laughter, encouragement, trust, and ultimately, togetherness.

Living our mission:



Bouldering holds your interest by consistently challenging the individual. With intense holds, structures, and gaps, climbers build strength, endurance, and resilience.



There’s a reason bouldering routes are called “problems”. Routes require unique problem solving and the mental fortitude to persevere through failure. In addition to climbing, NOSOTROS hosts a range of activities and events meant to engage and stimulate you mentally throughout the year.



NOSOTROS proudly gives a portion of proceeds to people in need every quarter and each year we set a goal that ties back to our mission of helping build relationships. We help practically and tangibly. If you know someone in need, contact us with a brief summary.



The Air Force says faith adds strength. We recognize their credibility and applied, perhaps the least controversial discipline of faith to the gym — prayer. If you're stressed, we have boxes for your requests. Any and all are welcome. We're not looking to debate, we're looking to support. Send a Prayer Request

Current Goal:

Each year we set an ambitious goal for ourselves to give back to someone or something in a significant way that improves their lives.


Have a suggestion for a charitable goal for us in 2020? Send us your ideas- nothing’s too big or too small!

Past Goals:


Gave a freaking car to our awesome and deserving volunteer Matt Majewski!


Provided over 100 date nights for couples in our community!