Beginner to Badass 4 + an Intermediate Clinic!!

Beginner to Badass is the hottest thing since Bagel Bites. So we're adding a second climbing clinic. Introducing Intermediate to Hardass! Both clinics begin Tuesday, February 19th. Here are two obvious reasons why another clinic:

Reason one, the skill range was too wide in Beginner to Badass. Let me spell it more clearly. Some students weren't beginners. Some were scaling hard routes while others struggled with easy. Reason two, there's plenty of people passed beginner who need help too. Offering two separate clinics will provide better focus for the beginners, better challenge for the intermediate and better attention from the instructors.

If you already paid for BtB4 and want to do ItH1 instead, email us at If you're not sure, start with beginner, and go from there. BtB4 and ItH1is now open for sign-ups.


Clinics Intro

We’ll take you from beginner to badass OR intermediate to hardass in six weeks, providing you with all the knowledge necessary to get stronger, fitter, faster. The beginner series saves newbies time and coin by learning how to climb right the first time. The intermediate series proves helpful for seasoned climbers looking to sharpen skills or shake off rust. 



Cory Berry and Laura DeFrain. Cory's a smart engineer and smarter climber. He's genuine and a pleasure to listen to. Laura's a fitness manager and people flock to her. She's especially skilled at helping shorter climbers. Both Cory and Laura are huge bouldering nerds, which I think make the best teachers. They'll both be teaching BtB4 and ItH1 together.



NOSOTROS members participate free for either clinic. Those who are not members can sign up by paying $35 for the clinic on our SHOP page. After payment, you are automatically enrolled. Once classes begin, non-members will just need to purchase passes for each time we meet. You can get a Day Pass each Tuesday for $11.99. You can get a 10 Punch, that will cover all six classes - and then some - for $89. Or you can get one of our membership offerings that'll grant you unlimited climbing. Something that's especially popular is our new two-week trial membership for $25. It gives you unlimited climbing, unlimited rental shoes and unlimited rental chalk for two weeks. If at the end of the two weeks you'd like to roll it into a recurring membership, we'll subtract the $25 trial cost from the recurring membership startup fee and those two weeks all just became free. 



BtB4 goes from 7pm to 8pm. ItH1 goes from 8pm to 9pm. Classmates are welcome to come early to warm up or stay late to cool down. If you ever have to miss a class, you can always make-up what you missed at the next class.



27 reservations were made within the first three days Season 1 was available. We capped Season 2 at 20 and every reservation was made within the first two days it was available. We added an instructor to Season 3 so we removed the cap - and 30 reservations were made right when it became available. For BtB Season 4 and ItH Season 1, we're capping each clinic at 15 slots. That's 15. Even though we can sell more, quality must remain priority. If you're on the fence, pull the trigger. 



If you're a NOSOTROS member who'd like to join, email us at and we'll add you to the headcount. If you're not a member, sign up right below 👇🏼:

Beginner to Badass Season 4 Sign Up

Intermediate to Hardass Season 1 Sign up

Though the itineraries are the same, the intensity is not. Below is the breakdown for both BtB4 and ItH1:

Overall Goals

  1. Develop correct and useful climbing skills

  2. Create a gateway into other sectors of climbing

  3. Create goals for continuous improvement

2/19/19 - Week 1 - Brief Intro then Quickly Getting to Climbing

  1. Goal: Effectively introduce the class

  2. Intro

  3. Quickly explain each week of clinic: 

    1. Week 1, Introduction

      1. Week 2, Footwork

        1. Technique

        2. Drills

      2. Week 3, Handwork

        1. Technique

        2. Drills

      3. Week 4, Dynamic Movement / Rest Technique

        1. Technique

        2. Drills

      4. Week 5, Personal Goal Focus / Practice

        1. Pull all previous weeks together

        2. Practice with Nosotros setters

        3. One on One

      5. Week 6, Introduction to the Types of Climbing / Party

        1. Bouldering

        2. Top Roping

          1. Teach the basics of belaying.

        3. Sport Climbing

          1. Demonstrate

        4. Traditional Climbing

          1. Demonstrate

        5. Aid Climbing

          1. Talk about it

        6. Party

  4. Start Climbing


2/26/19 - Week 2 - Footwork

  1. Goal: Learn and practice correct footwork

  2. Habits of Good Footwork

    1. Overcoming the Hand Bias

      1. Practice Downclimbing

      2. Emphasize foot sequences

    2. Compensating for Climbing Gyms

      1. Vary route-setting “rules” for foothold use

      2. Practice on tiny footholds

      3. Wear good shoes

    3. Foot-Placement Guidelines

      1. Make many foot movements

      2. Select the target and watch the toes land - monitor foot placement

      3. Maintain gradual, consistent pressure on the foothold throughout its use

      4. Seek out and master technical face and slab climbs

  3. Climbing

    1. Warmup / Stretching

    2. Downclimb, Moderate/Easy Routes

    3. Precision Feet, Moderate/Easy Routes 

    4. Jibs Only, On Specialty Set Routes 


3/5/19 - Week 3 - Handwork

  1. Goal: Learn and practice correct handwork

  2. Different handholds and what makes them positive

    1. Edges

      1. Depth

      2. Two strongest fingers middle and ring location

      3. Direction

    2. Pockets

      1. Direction

    3. Slopers

      1. Friction

      2. Steepness

      3. Slopers are meant to be felt

    4. Pinches

      1. Depth

      2. Body Position

  3. Tips for Better Handwork

    1. Experiment with various grip positions to find the right fit

    2. Use the deepest and/or most positive aspects of edges and pinches

    3. Consider injury risks when evaluating the best use of pockets

    4. Slopers are rarely uniform; identify the spots that are more positive or offer better friction

    5. Consider using pinches as sidepulls or gastons

    6. Get the thumbs involved with catches, wraps, and distance “gasto-clings”

  4. Climbing

    1. Warmup / Stretching

    2. Downclimb, Moderate/Easy Routes 

    3. Hold Focus, On Specialty Set Routes 

    4. Thumbs Only, Moderate/Easy Routes 

    5. Direction Drill, On Specialty Set Routes 


3/12/19 - Week 4 - Dynamic Movement / Rest Technique

  1. Goal: Learn and practice correct dynamic movement and rest techniques

  2. Dyno, a dynamic movement that allows you to reach a holdout of reach

  3. Unstable movements

  4. Purpose of resting is to de-pump the forearms

    1. Large Holds and Jugs, apply force close to joint

    2. Hook

    3. Stem

    4. Chicken Wing

  5. Climbing

    1. Warmup / Stretching

    2. Two Points of Contact, Moderate/Easy Routes 

    3. One Arm Traverse

    4. Dyno Practice, On Specialty Set Route

    5. Traverse till Fail Rest Focus


3/19/19 - Week 5 - Personal Goal Focus / Practice Personally with Skilled Setters

  1. Goal: Develop personal goals 1 on 1 and practice previous weeks

  2. Climbing

    1. Warmup / Stretching

    2. Downclimb, Moderate/Easy Routes

    3. Two Points of Contact, Moderate/Easy Routes

    4. One Arm Traverse

    5. Dyno Practice, On Specialty Set Route

    6. Traverse till Fail Rest and Hand Hold Focus


3/26/19 - Week 6 - Introduction to Other Types of Climbing / Badass Party

  1. Goal: Introduce the types of climbing at a basic level

  2. Bouldering

    1. Outdoor rating system

    2. Outdoor Bouldering

  3. Top Roping

    1. Teach the basics of belaying

    2. Set up ropes on wall

  4. Sport Climbing

    1. Demonstrate sport climbing concept

    2. Setup quickdraws on the wall

    3. Practice Clipping

  5. Traditional Climbing

    1. Demonstrate traditional climbing concept.

    2. Bring in gear

  6. Aid Climbing

    1. Talk about it

  7. Badass Party

    1. Everyone dresses up as their favorite badass! We're talking Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Lex Luther, pretty much any wrestler will do

    2. Past season class members are invited to come to the gym, dressed like a badass and congratulate you!

    3. Customers are encouraged to come to the gym, dressed like a badass and high-five you!

    4. And you're welcome to bring three of your closest friends or family to climb for free with you so you can show them your new badass skills!

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