Pay a small price, be part of a big community.

Becoming a member at NOSOTROS comes with perks designed to build a strong, active community at our gym and in our city. On top of unlimited climbing and good times, our memberships include a range of free and discounted activities to enhance your life.

Membership Perks:

Wednesdays 50¢ beer special at Mad Mac’s Lakewood

Mondays - Thursdays 10% off at Barroco Lakewood

One month free when referrals become members

Week-long guest passes for first-time visitors

Pays for itself in 3 to 4 visits per month

Unlimited referral cards for others

Discounted climbing comp entry

Able to freeze for $6 per month

Member appreciation parties

Free climbing clinics

No cancellation fee

Free weight room

Free swag bag


What our member’s say:

“Climbing can be intimidating. The company you’re surrounded by and the environment you’re in can either make you feel small or boost you up to the top. NOSOTROS is a half an hour drive from my front door and it’s not the only gym in the Cleveland area, but it’s the one I’ve started to frequent the most. The owner, crew, crowd, and vibe at this gym are all so great. It just feels like everyone in that space is there to have a good time and grow with one another.”

- Maureen Murphy

“They have added and keep adding so much cool stuff since they have opened! Perfect for date night, family night or even just to shake up the workout routine and try something different. Friendly faces around and a positive environment. Great addition to the community”

- Alescia Phillips

“This place is insanely fun. First of all, it's amazingly affordable and you get to climb all day. Second, it's an incredible work out and the staff is very dedicated to making sure you are able to get the most out of it. Third, they change up the coarse constantly, making new and entertaining challenges (that they name after the first person to beat it!). Fourth, everyone is extremely friendly, from the staff to the customers. So it's settled, you're coming and are bringing your friends and family and this is your new thing- congratulations!”

-John Zoidberg